The Importance of Gratitude in Relationships with Kate House

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Episode 31 - The Importance of Gratitude in Relationships with Kate House

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Eep! Today is the day – the first guest interview on The Daily Climb (my podcast) is HERE!! Today I’m chatting with Kate House about gratitude and how she & her husband are able to incorporate it into their lives, which helps them continuously grow together. But first, who’s Kate?

Who is Kate House?

Firstly, I can’t introduce Kate without saying how much joy she radiates! I mean, we chatted for about 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon, and it was an absolutely pleasure!

Kate is a health coach and yoga instructor who helps women put themselves first by prioritizing self-care so that they can pour from a FULL cup! But she didn’t always know that she wanted to be a coach. She felt miserable in her corporate job for so long and quickly realized that it wasn’t just affecting her, but also her husband.

So – “in true Kate fashion,” she quit her job because she realized “what I’m not changing, I’m choosing.” Instead, she dove deep into building a business that she loves. She also created her podcast, Live by Design, as a way to not just share tips with others but also to create a community. Um – yes, please!

Introducing Gratititude in her Relationship

In 2019, Kate and her husband decided that they wanted to be more intentional and purposeful with their words. Thus, the gratitude practice was born. Each night they ask each other 3 things that they’re grateful for that happened that day, and also one thing they’re grateful to each other for.

The magical part about this is that the things you’re grateful for don’t have to be huge. It can be small, like “I’m grateful that you had a tickle fight with the kids.”

The next part of their gratitude practice incorporates things that they’re grateful for in general.

How Does Gratitude Impact Your Relationships?

Kate shared how this gratitude practice helped them go to bed feeling seen & loved by each other. Isn’t that just wonderful? Imagine how this simple, 5-minute gratitude practice can impact your relationships with your parents, significant other, or even friends!

How Can You Incorporate Gratitude in the Morning?

We often don’t think about what we’re grateful for each day, which can make it easy to think that life sucks. Practicing gratitude intentionally each night helps remind you of the small moments to be thankful for on a daily basis.

Tips to Incorporate Gratitude Outside of a Relationship

Kate intentionally incorporates gratitude in her morning routine, and she encourages others to do this also! She writes 5 things that she’s grateful for, which can be the same or different from what she’s shared with her husband the night before.

She shared some tips on how you can incorporate gratitude even when you’re not in a romantic relationship:

  1. Have a personal gratitude practice. Kate recommends having your own separate time to practice gratitude, whether in the form of journaling or simply typing things quickly in a note app.
  2. Message someone in your life. Reach out to one friend or family memeber each day to let them know what you’re grateful for about them. You could even have an accountability partner and share what you’re grateful for in general with each other.

As you start incorporating gratitude in your life, it can truly change the dynamic of your relationships and even help you have a more positive outlook in life.

More from Kate House

Curious how Kate helps her clients in their health journeys? Or how she can help you practice gratitude more in your life? Hit play above to tune into the episode, or look up this episode on The Daily Climb Podcast on your favorite platform.

Follow Kate House on Instagram @mskatehouse or check out her website at mskatehouse.com for more resources on starting your health journey.

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