How to Believe in Yourself (Even After You’ve Failed)

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Does it ever seem like everyone else has it all together except you? Like they’re so confident and ready to tackle their goals? Well – looks can be deceiving! But more importantly, I want you to know that even if you’ve failed at something in the past that it’s possible to start believing in yourself and increase your confidence. Let’s dive into 9 different ways that you can believe in yourself, even after you’ve failed.

7 Ways to Believe in Yourself Again

Surround yourself with positivity

Energy is contagious. If you surround yourself with people who are positive and working on their goals, it’ll encourage you to do the same! You’ll be able to feed off of their positive energy and eventually have your own.

Focus on your strengths instead of weaknesses

We typically think that we should focus on building our weaknesses so we can be well-rounded individuals, right? If we’re already great in math, we probably don’t feel like it makes much sense to prioritize studying for math over science for instance. 

Of course, that logic makes sense! But what if we were to look at our skills in a different way?

What if we were to continue building our strengths and really hone in on a skill we already have? That skill can be mastered and we can increase our confidence in our abilities!

Have realistic goals

Setting goals that are attainable within a given time frame is important to help you believe in yourself again. 

Think about how many times you’ve set a goal that was unrealistic. Maybe you wanted to lose 50 pounds in 1 month. Or maybe you wanted to hit $20,000 a month in your business within the first year of launching.

Of course, those goals stem from a big vision, which is amazing! But the time frame can be adjusted in a way that’s more attainable for your lifestyle.

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Overcome your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the thing you believe about yourself that hold you back from taking action. We all have limiting beliefs and sometimes we don’t even realize it!

Identifying and overcoming your limiting beliefs can be a game-changer for your mindset and belief in yourself overall.

Improve your self talk

The brain simply believes what you tell it most. And what you tell it about you, it will create. It has no choice. If you tell yourself that you cannot, what can the only outcome be?

Shad Helmstetter

Self talk is basically the internal conversation that you have with yourself. Your self talk can be positive or negative – both encouraging or discouraging. 

The thing about self talk is that what we tell ourselves doesn’t have to be true in order for our brain to believe it. That’s why affirmations are such a powerful tool to help increase your positive self talk and reframe your mindset.

Celebrate your wins

We live in a world where we feel like only the big events need to be celebrated – graduation, promotions, new house, etc. But the small wins in our lives like finishing a paper, walking our dog longer than usual, and being early to work should be celebrated too.

This helps create an internal culture that we don’t need to do extravagant things in order to be proud of ourselves.

Have a clear vision

Having a vision for your life will help you know what your end goal is, and the things you want to prioritize. Knowing what your focus is can help you believe in yourself because it’s not as if you’re walking around aimlessly.

You’d have a clear direction of where you’d like to go.

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Final Thoughts

You are absolutely capable of believing in yourself again and those ideas I shared above are just the first steps. You’re capable and I’m rooting for your growth!

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